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  • The Power Of Community And Collaboration To Solve Your Problem.

    The Power Of Community And Collaboration To Solve Your Problem.


Internet of Things

We can compliment your Machine to Machine (M2M) / Internet of Things (IOT) projects by providing an user friendly and feature rich web application solution for your IOTs. Our solutions are Royalty free, Highly Scalable, Secure with Cloud infrastructure.

Application Development

We, at UDProducts can create, deploy and maintain customized applications which can be capitalized to improve your business solutions. We develop feature rich applications considering the industry standards and industry evolution which...Readmore

Website Development

We do it using next generation content management system that allows YOU to update all aspects of your website yourself without depending on (and paying to!) programmers and web designers. Management application does not require...Readmore

About Us

UDProducts was formed in January 2011 by a group of engineering students with a passion to develop and the zeal to excel. We wanted to take excellence one level further by converging the best within each of us. Our conviction that this could be done only by being our own masters and willingness to start anew, facing challenges head-on brought us together and thus Unique Developers Products was born.

The technologies we use to deliver solutions prove our conviction. We utilize Ruby on Rails technology, Drupal and other popular open source technologies. GNU/Linux is our major platform of development. This provides us the opportunity to experiment and innovate to create unique solutions of the highest caliber for our customers.We intend to utilize state-of-the-art technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Text Processing etc. to create solutions for any requirement and are working to attain this goal.

"A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words. An Interface Is Worth A Thousand Pictures"

Project Development Lifecycle: How we do it?

We have a way of working and we stick to it for creating an efficient application and by the same time to keep customers, developers, designers happy. The following is the flow,

Step 1 - Application Architecture:

An application need not be of single core, for highly scallable application, the application has to be divided into many cores, based on the functionality they perform, so that each core can take care of single major functionality and when can be scaled when necessary in fast and cost effective manner.

Step 2 – User Interface Design:

To us, good design encompasses beauty and brains; a clean design enables fast development and gives clear vision to developers to achive their goals. A good-looking app that functions exactly the way the user expects would be the ultimate result.

Step 3 - Database Design:

Modern web 2.0 applications tend to use more than one database for scalability and performance, we follow that on necessity. Database designing is critical to the successful scalability of an application, to achieve that with the criteria of meeting the data requirements of an enterprise system, we do upto 3rd level normalization for any application and if needed we go much further for the optimization.

Step 4 – Test Driven Development(TDD):

We write tests for every new feature before we start to build, which takes longer but means our apps are stronger and less likely to break down the road. We peer review every line of code that comes out of the shop, so there are always two sets of eyes on every iteration. This means we’re more likely to catch errors before they go out into the real world.

Step 5 - Peer Review:

For every development project that comes through our doors, we assign at least two developers and one designer. The lead developer writes the majority of the tests and the code; every morning, the support developer reviews the previous day’s work, making sure it matches the client’s expectations and that the quality remains high. When needed, the designer also swoops in to make sure everything receives the perfect polish. It’s a collaborative process that ensures you get the best product without the biggest investment.

Step 6 – Release:

With more effort and streamlined processes, we build amazing apps that look beautiful inside and out. For our clients, that means fewer bugs, happier customers and a successful product on every release.

Internet of Things Application

We can compliment your Machine to Machine (M2M) / Internet of Things (IOT) projects by providing an user friendly and feature rich web application solution for your IOTs. Our solutions are Royalty free, Highly Scalable, Secure with Cloud infrastructure.

Website Development

As the number of websites increase, so does the number and variety of clients and their needs. It is essential that a commercial website is intuitive and provides a pleasant user-experience. Security is also a strong factor. Each client would have a different set of requirements depending on the purpose of the website. Clients would also want to be able to manage content updates without technical expertise or dependence on the website developers/vendors? These, and several other features are assembled in Drupal, the most robust Content Management System. With this CMS as the base, UDProducts has successfully built websites which cater to different requisites

Application Development

We believe that a web application is considered top-class only if it is developed:

  • To contain all the features required by the client
  • To accommodate back-end changes
  • Be scalable

Keeping these factors in mind, we use Ruby on Rails framework to develop web applications. Ruby allows developers to focus on customizing the application to meet client needs instead of worrying about basic,repetitive tasks. This is made possible by inherent characteristics of the Ruby language and a vast number of ruby gems which can be used to realize standard functions.. Thus developers are free to mix and match customer requirements with available features to provide best results within the shortest possible time

Legacy System Migration

When the technologies are evolving continuously it has become almost mandatory to update and redesign the systems to be with the flux. At that time the organization can get the most cost-effective and valuable solutions by transformation of their legacy assets. Reengineering of the legacy system is generally aimed to lessen the cost of the application maintenance or to get the systems updated and more efficient.


Importance of User Experience The importance of customer experience is well documented. Part of the online experience is taking care of basics: having online content always available, fresh, and delivered fast and reliably. For electronic software delivery, customers are expect to have control over the download process and software vendors need the ability to handle the growing workflow complexity and to insure the software is completely downloaded to the device to provide end-users a satisfying, seamless experience. Vendors who enrich the download process relevant information and rich media within a customizable, branded interface keep the customer more engaged. Improving a customer's level of engagement can increased trial software conversion rates by 15%. Measuring Success Were all the time, money, resources worth the effort? Do you have the metrics and reporting tools to know? Today, businesses expect analytics on all of their online activities. Downloads are no exception yet the ability to know what happened once a customer initiated a download to the time the software was installed has been labor intensive or non-existent. Knowing what is happening and what the end user is doing during the download through installation process to purchasing gives needed insight into the why completion or conversion rates are improving or not. It enables decisions that can change the way you build and distribute your software.

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